1.My Profile: 

My Profile: In the "My Profile" section, you can view and edit your personal information, such as your name, email address, and logo picture, company name, website domain, etc. This is where you can keep your account details up to date. 



2. Teams: Collaborate Effectively 

In the "Teams" section, we enable effective collaboration. You can invite up to five users to your account. This feature ensures you can share responsibilities, work together seamlessly, and make your marketing efforts a team success. 


  • Collaboration: Teams are all about working together. Invite team members to share the load and achieve common goals. 

  • Efficiency: With multiple team members, tasks can be distributed, making your marketing efforts more efficient. 

  • Responsibility Sharing: Assign responsibilities and tasks to specific team members for a well-organized workflow. 

3. Integration: Connecting Your World 

The "Integration" section empowers you to connect your Shakespeare account with other platforms. Whether it's Google or Facebook, you can link up to five accounts for each platform. This means you can seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts across platforms, opening new horizons. 


  • Cross-Platform Connectivity: Shakespeare's integration feature bridges the gap between your marketing platforms, ensuring a unified approach. 

  • Enhanced Reach: By linking multiple accounts, you can expand your reach and maximize your campaign's potential. 

  • Simplified Management: Manage your integrated accounts from a central location, streamlining your efforts. 

4. Billing: Manage Your Subscription with Ease 

The "Billing" section puts you in control of your payments. This is where you can manage your payment details and review your subscription plan. It offers flexibility by allowing you to upgrade your plan, change your payment method, and view your billing history. 


  • Payment Control: Take charge of your payments. Manage your payment details and payment methods from one place. 

  • Subscription Flexibility: Easily upgrade or adjust your subscription plan to better suit your evolving needs. 

  • Billing Transparency: Review your billing history to keep track of your financial transactions. 
















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